Embroidered Toys and Soothers

Embroidered Mumbles are a unique line of embroidery-friendly SUPER SOFT stuffed animals that children are going to LOVE!

The beauty of them is that they are a treasured, personalised gift. Each one can be embroidered to mark a special occasion – a birth, a birthday, a baptism, or simply just a child’s name… whatever you want! They can be embroidered on the front tummy.

They are not limited to children though, also a wonderful gift for that special Nana or Grandpa, or a birthday you don’t have any idea what to give but want it to be meaningful. Also don’t forget these for that graduation gift, with your own special message of encouragement.

They are approximately 12 – 16 inches tall. These can be used as toys, or with the cushion pad removed, as a pyjama/night dress case. Order toys here

Blankies are between approximately 11-13 inches square depending on style. Order blankies here

They are CE marked and tested to toy safety standards.

Please make sure that you fill in the details you require and colours on the order form.